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Phone Thugs

7 Dec


At my job I speak to countless people on the phone and I can’t help but wonder if some of them are as rude and obnoxious in person as they are on the phone.

Is it because they can’t see me or look into my eyes as they rattle off insults?

Is it easier to be rude on the phone because you don’t have to face someone?  Is it okay to take out your frustration on a random stranger who answers the phone?

Uhh, hell no.

I’d like to curse them off or remind them that it’s not my fault their life sucks in that one moment, but I’d be doing it almost all day and I just simply don’t have the time because I have to answer the next call that’s on hold because they felt like rambling on and on how I’m not satisfying their needs. So I just hang up on their stupid face and then curse repeatedly for thirty seconds.

Oh and yes, remember to repeat yourself three thousand times. That will definitely help matters. Because people listen so well.

Dealing with angry or unsatisfied clients is like trying to teach a dog how to play dead and fetch at the same time.