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5 Dec


I read something recently about creativity. Where does it come from? Why do some people seem to have more than others? Is it something you can learn?

A creative writing professor once said that she can’t teach her students creativity or imagination. She could only teach them the necessities of what a story should consist of, like plot, character development, etc.

But, on the contrary, another artist said that anyone could learn how to master brush strokes in painting and learn the art of language. She said that humans are capable of learning anything in the world.

I can see both sides to this, but for me, I think creativity is something that everyone has. They might not use it in art forms like painting or literature, they might use it with numbers or math instead. Or maybe in mechanics or engineering. Maybe in science. Maybe they use it in coming up with unique presentations at work. Or shopping.

Hell, I think creativity can apply to just about anything. The important thing is that it’s individual. It’s the ideas that stem from within us. It’s how we turn ideas into something physical. It’s capturing a fleeting thought and turning it into something. 

I’ve heard people say “I’m not very creative” and my question is why are people so quick to doubt the fact that they are? The first step to gaining control of your creativity is to accept that it’s in you, even if you haven’t let it out yet.

I relate creativity to a certain divine intervention. It’s an unexplainable force, either from within us or all around us. You can decide which it is, or what it is.

All I know is it’s something that can’t really be pinned down or scientifically explained.