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Hand Studded One of a Kind Clothing For Sale!

8 Aug



Hand Studded One of a Kind Items For Sale…

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This Ones for the Girls…

8 Feb

Why does it seem like good products are some sort of big secret?  I think women should share them, not hide them. I figured I’d make a list of some of my favorite products to use, because I know it’s tough finding the right fit, and after a while, it seems like all products suck until you find “the one.” So here is a list of some of my own favorite things…

Favorite Make-up Remover:

Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes (can find in any drug store, shoprite, wal-mart, etc.)  All the kinds are good, but I wouldn’t get the citrus kind.  That’s more of a scrub and not as good for removing eye liner.  For removing eye make-up too, I’d get the blue or the pink kind.  They’re about $4. 


(P.s…I discovered these accidentally.  I was crashing at a friend’s house after we went to a bar, and my girlfriend asked if I wanted to use one.  I fell in love and never went back to my old make-up remover again.) 

Favorite Hair spray:

Pantene Touchable Volume Hair spray


Wear with your hair up, and spray on scalp, it gives it that strong hold you need and it pretty much lasts all day.  With your hair down, you can spray some of this on and your hair is still soft with less frizz.  You don’t get that hard hair spray feel like most of them. 

Favorite Shampoo:

Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth with coconut oil & jojoba extract


Favorite Conditioner:

Tresemme Smooth & Silky Touchable Softness Conditioner


My hair is pretty long (and dead).  From years of hot-iron abuse and coloring, my ends are pretty dead.  My hair is also curly, but the longer it is, the curls become waves because of the length.  This conditioner makes your hair unbelievably soft.  It’s worth the $4 or $5.  Even if you use a cheaper shampoo, splurge on a good conditioner.  It makes all the difference.

Favorite Modern Fairy Tale:

Tithe, by Holly Black.  It’s a series.  The second one is called Ironside.  I really enjoyed reading them.  She has another book called Valiant, which was good, but personally, I liked the first two better. 


I know I prefer a little daily dose of magic in my life, this was one way to get my fix for a few days. 

Favorite Nail Polish:

Let me start off by saying, I don’t go to the nail salon. I have never gotten a pedicure or a manicure.  Actually, maybe I got a manicure once in 8th grade before “graduation”.  I don’t remember.  I got “tips” put on and I hated it so much I ripped them off myself.  Yes, it hurt and I remember nails breaking.  Anyway, I use my hands.  A lot.  So, yeah.  I’m more of a do-it-yourself-and-don’t-waste-money-on-stupid-shit kind of girl.  I include manicures and pedicures in the “stupid shit” category.  (Sorry if I offend anyone.)


Avon Speed Dry +30 seconds.  It comes in a variety of (cute) colors, I just got one called “swift sherbet” which I love.  I don’t have the patience to wait for nails to dry, and I always seem to start getting itchy as soon as I paint my nails, so the fact that they dry so quickly is perfect for me. 

Favorite: Chapstick

First of all, Chapstick is maybe one of the most important products in my life.  I’m a lip-balm-a-holic.  At any given moment, I own (and lose) 10 different kinds of chapsticks, lip balms, lip gloss, lipstick, etc..  Some are better than others.  Some are good enough to get the job done until you can get the good stuff.  But some, are perfect. Like Maybelline’s Baby Lips.



It comes in a bunch of different colors.  Personally, I like the peach one the best.  But there are so many colors to choose from.  The best part is it gives you color like a lipstick and moisture like a chapstick.  It’s a beautiful thing.


If you like my list of stuff, maybe you’ll like some other things I’m into.  I make jewelry too, here’s the link.  All of my earrings are pretty lightweight, which is important to me.  Everything is handmade and one of a kind.

Also, here is a link to the books that I’ve written that are currently for sale.



Follow Up…What To Wear to the Interview. “Business Casual” Fashions for Women

7 Feb


We don’t all always look like them when we wear all black to an interview……… Either because we don’t live in the 1900’s anymore or because we don’t look like supermodels.  Maybe a little of both.  Aren’t you sick of wearing all black anyway!??!  It’s 2013….today’s modern woman can get away with adding color to her business casual wardrobe because, well, because today women have had more power and say than we ever have before.  Who the f#&% says you can’t wear a little turquoise to work!?!?

Option 1:


For the girl who still loves to wear the pants in the relationship.  In the office I mean.  You can still have fun wearing pants.  Add a ruffled top under your blazer.  Or even a lavender or blue top instead of white.  It will make such a difference.  Also, make sure if you’re going to wear slacks, get a good pair of slacks that you look good in. 

Option 2:


For the petite girl.  Same rule goes for you, no extra long skirts when you’re on the shorter side.  Even with heels, if that skirt is too long, you won’t look professional or attractive.  Keep it knee length or shorter. 

Option 3:


For the girl with the classic style.  If you are a little wary of trying something new and colorful at the office, introduce some style by wearing a flattering pencil skirt with a good-fitting blouse.  Any trim on the collar will liven up your otherwise dull outfit.  Lace, color blocking, etc.  Contrast the colors in the top and skirt.  Don’t wear black on black.  Try white/black.  Or Gray/Black.  White/Gray.  (IF you’re into neutrals.)  If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a tan blouse with an olive green skirt.  It’s still in the neutral family!!! Don’t shoot me!! I didn’t say PINK!

Option 4:


For the girl who loves the little black dress.  There are some new sleek dresses in town if you haven’t heard.  They have color blocking, cut outs (in appropriate places) and graphic designs.  This style and length of dress  fits most body types. 

Option 5:


For the girl who isn’t afraid of color.  Wait, nevermind, you don’t need my help.

Option 6:


For the girl who likes mixing textures.  Lace top under a blazer with a silk skirt?  Works for me.  Mixing stripes/solids and textures is all good, as long as it works.  Just remember that.  It has to work.  If you question it…(does this go together?) it probably doesn’t. 

Option 7:


For the girl who loves blazers.  Isn’t that….all of us!?!??!?!  Get a statement piece, a blazer with enough detail to stand out but conservative enough for the workplace. 


Option 8:



For the supermodel.   (Cricket…..Cricket…..)


I hope I’ve helped someone…and never forget the #1 rule of fashion:


Only wear things that fit and are flattering to your body.

When you look good, you feel good.  And when you feel good, you work good.  And when you work good, you get paid.  $$$$$$$$$$

Keep your hustle up, ladies.  And look good while you do it. 

Trendy Expectations

4 Feb



It’s funny to me how sometimes when people hear the word “fashion” they automatically throw their head back, put their hand in the air and make some silly little noise, basically signifying that it’s…what?  Dramatic and feminine?  Well, it can be.  That’s half the fun.  Or do they mean, wimpy?  I’m not sure.  One thing I am sure of though, is this unwelcome persona or stigma that the term fashion has come to imply in the minds of many.  Personally, if the word “fabulous” keeps getting thrown around, I’m going to go insane and it might be the one word that ends up making me hate fashion too.  But for now, I still love it.  To clarify, we’re talking about street style, not fancy name brands.

          The best style it seems comes from the streets.  The reason fashion draws me to it is the fact that it’s one of the few things we can independently choose every day. We are in complete control of what we wear, and it’s freeing.  We forget that in other parts of the world, people don’t always have that option.  We take things like this for granted.  We wear things based on our moods, based on who we are that day or who we are every day.  That’s the beautiful thing about fashion; it can represent so much.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats…all of these things mean something to most ofus (whether we admit or not).  You know if you lost your favorite jacket, you’d consider crying like a little girl whose favorite dress was ripped on the playground.

          They say clothing is a symbol of the times.  Even in America, during the restrictive, Victorian era, it used to be that the only thing women really owned was their wardrobe and their jewelry.  It meant something to them then, and it means something to us now.  It’s a fascinating concept to think about how far we’ve come in society and just how much times have changed.  In this day and age, when we are so busy in our lives, the one thing that most of us look for is comfort.It used to be that the more fabric was used, the more expensive the garment.  Today, even garments produced in sweatshops overseas are sold for hundreds of dollars.  It’s outrageous.  Thus, the stigma of fashion is alive. 

          There are people who go against the grain.  We don’t buy expensive (and usually boring) clothing.  Instead, we go a little crazy.  We resist the outlandish prices and choose our own styles.  We mix and match prints and go wild with colors.  People in the streets have a name in the industry, they’re called fashion leaders.  It’s because it’s more interesting when there are unique ideas and stimulating combinations of textures or trends.  The Designers sometimes go out into the streets and copy street styles and the trends trickle up or down or across.  These things happen until the trends flood the retail outlets and the consumers catch up, meanwhile, the fashion leaders are still experimenting with new styles every day.  Fashion has evolved into such an extremely fast paced cycle, with trends lasting such a short amount of time, that I’m not sure who is keeping up and who has been left behind wearing parachute pants or platform boots. 

          So, if you’re into fashion you must be some sort of wuss?  Is that the idea most people have?  That you must be a prissy little thing because you’re into what you wear?  Why?  Because if I see a cool, noteworthy bag, I smile?Because I dream of strange outfits in my head?Because I enjoy seeing what others wear?Because I think it somehow gives us a clue into people’s heads?  Because it hints to us how people are feeling that day?  Because it’s a glimmer of a personality? Because it’s fascinating to me, in general?  Does that make me strange?  Hell, I think that it’s stranger that so many people pretend like they don’t love it.