A Foreclosure Story: White Desk Stuff: (3) The Death of a Loved One

16 Mar


White Desk Stuff, Chapter Three

The Death of a Loved One 

During the time just before the foreclosure process began, a few things were happening. As I look back on it, all the events seem to be connected in one way or another. My mom started having health problems. My Great Oma passed away. The death of a loved one is more important than anything else. You need to be with family. You need to grieve. You need to mourn the end of a great life on this realm or celebrate the beginning of their afterlife in another.

                It may seem odd, but when my Great Oma passed away, it was the only time I never cried when faced with death. This was the one instance where it didn’t feel sad or unfair. She was 97 years old. She married the love of her life and didn’t date anyone after he passed away. She had children she loved, and children that loved her. She had a full life of love, family, books and cards. She got to see her great grandchildren born and raised. She was walking until the time she never woke up.

                She passed away, peacefully, in her sleep. I like to think of it as if she were dreaming of going to the other realm, to be with the love of her life. She just ran into his arms and it was just that easy. She never woke up.

                How can you be sad about that? I think dying in your sleep is the most peaceful way to go. There is no heartache, no anger. There is only warmth and comfort. I couldn’t be upset. A sweet woman died the way she lived; in peace, with a smile on her face.

                She left behind a legacy. She carried on her family line. Because of her, many were born and many will live beyond her death. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive. It’s all connected.

                And despite the fact that this was part of what caused my mother to fall behind in the mortgage payments, because she went down to be with her family for almost a month, I’m happy she got to see my Great Oma before she passed away. I’m happy my mom got to spend those last days with her mother, and her Oma. She needed to be there.

                There are certain things in life that are more important than other things. We all may get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and its seemingly meaningless things, but at times like these, when someone you love is on the verge of death, you realize what actually matters. You realize that money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That life is something to celebrate. That death is something that is inevitable. It makes you appreciate the loved ones you still have with you.

                Looking back on it now, missing that damn mortgage payment was the beginning of the end, but it was also the end of a beautiful life. And what’s more important? I say life.

                While that house was our home, that woman was a vital matriarch who we all are indebted to for giving us life. Banks are an institute that need to keep up with their business in order to thrive. I understand that. Mortgages need to be paid. It’s not up to them to be understanding of our individual circumstances, though it would be nice. I don’t blame them anymore. The anger has faded but only in retrospect.

                During those first few months of the foreclosure process, it seemed like it were all a dream. It seemed unrealistic to think that we would lose our home. We did everything we needed to do to save it, it just wasn’t enough. 

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