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Write the Book You Want to Read.

30 Jan


That’s it. 

And also..


Two important things to remember. Always. For every writer.

The high you get from writing something incredible is beyond anything else out there. At least, that’s my experience. Write the story you were meant to. And write it now. Tomorrow may not ever come. 



26 Jan

Exphairience: Experience in hairstyling. 

New Word? Think so. Tell me if you support the word or not. 

(Disregard the images. I don’t condone actually using animal heads in hairstyles and/or updo’s. or downdo’s. Another potential word.) 



The Magic of Writing

10 Jan

The magic of writing is that once you start, your characters lead the way. And they stop for no one. 


“You’re rich, you beggar. You’ve got a clean page to start with.”

4 Jan

“You’re rich, you beggar. You’ve got a clean page to start with.” -Edwin Honig

For those who have HBO, I’d suggest watching the documentary First Cousin, Once Removed. It’s about a poet, Edwin Honig, who suffers from Alzheimer’s in the last years of his life. Enlightening, moving, poetic, sad. It’s worth the watch. His advice? “Remember to forget.”

The worst part to me was when he couldn’t remember what the word ‘love’ meant. Can you imagine a poet, or anyone for that matter, unable to remember the word love? Unable to write? Unable to read?

It struck one chord with me. Write when you can. Write now.