The New NA. (NaNoWriMo Anonymous)

5 Dec



So I’ve come to only one logical conclusion. 

There are so many of us who didn’t meet our desired word count for the month of November. I think we should consider making an organized effort to get all of us into one cyber room and discuss our feelings and anxieties of the entire stressful situation. 

It’s called PTND. Post traumatic NaNoWriMo disorder. 

It’s real. 

It’s here. 

And it’s affecting too many innocent civilians around the world. 

I ask.. Why?  Why did we join in the first place? Did we think it’d be fun to push ourselves to the limit? See how much we could write in 30 days? 

For me, I know I’ve written that amount before. Maybe it was different because I was writing on my terms. This time, the pressure I put on myself psyched me out. It took the fun of writing right the hell out of it. 

So let’s try this again:

December is our month to do it our way. Write as many or as little words as you f#&king want. Just make each of them count. 

Don’t write silly sentences for the sake of a word count. Write the words that matter. The ones that are going to give your story meaning and truth. 

Write something worth reading, damn it. Because we’re writers and that’s what we’re meant to do. 





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