Ways to De-Stress After Your Boyfriend Pi$$es You Off!

15 Oct

Ways to De-Stress After A Fight

By  · On October 2, 2013

The men in our lives usually have a way to…err…piss us off! So what’s the best way to handle it? Well, you could choke him or slap him, but that’s not going to solve the issue. And it would probably just makes things worse. Here are some ways to de-stress after getting mad, REALLY mad!

1.     Go shopping. Find a pair of really cute shoes to take your mind off it.

2.     Eat some pasta. Carbs always help when you need some comfort. You might feel guilty afterwards for cheating on your diet, but at least you’re not cheating on your man.

3.     Snuggle with a puppy. How can you be mad when you’re holding an adorable little animal?

4.     Hit the gym. Boxing, anyone? Take out your stress on the punching bag, or in a really hard Zumba class. The endorphins you release will make you feel better. Sweat it out!

5.     Call your girlfriend to vent. Release the pent up frustration, even though, she might hold the phone away from her ear the entire half hour this conversation lasts.

6.     Clean something. Or do the opposite, throw things. Hey, whatever works, right?

7.     Take it out on a stranger. No wait, not this one. This is wrong.

8.     Go for a walk. Think the entire time. Clear your head. The steam will slowly release.

9.     B!tch at him about why you’re mad and repeat yourself ten thousand times. It will definitely make him listen and think you’re not a nagger.

10.  Eat some cake. Cake always helps. Then take a nap afterwards.

So if you find yourself wanting to scream, hit, slap or cry out of frustration, take a deep breath before you do. Have a V8. Do whatever you need to do to release the anger. Talk about the issue when you’re calmer. I promise, it will go smoother.



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