Should Your Man Care About Your Dreams?

15 Oct

Should Your Man Care About Your Dreams?

By  · On October 4, 2013


With the number of working women on the rise and more stay at home dads than ever, I have to ask the question. Should your man care about your dreams? What if you have one that doesn’t?

Your man should love you and support you no matter how crazy your dreams are. He should be interested in hearing about your goals. If he isn’t, it’s a serious red flag. Maybe he doesn’t consider a serious future with you. The bottom line here is that he should care about what you have to say and what you want in your future.

If he only seems to care about himself and his goals, then you might want to find a different guy. There are plenty of guys out there who care about your aspirations and would be there to support you and help in any way they can. Even just listening is beneficial. It will make you feel like he cares about what you have to say.

So, if you’re a musician or a singer, should he want to hear your songs? Absolutely. If you write a book, should he want to read it? Absolutely. If you’re an architect should he want to see the new design you’re proud of and excited about? Absolutely.

It can be uncomfortable bringing it up. You don’t want to force him into being interested in your work. But if you take your work seriously, he should take you and it seriously and understand it’s important to you that he shows even a little bit of interest.

Either way, you can’t force anyone to change. If you express your feelings, and he still doesn’t budge, find a guy who cares about your interests and passions. If he’s passionate about you, he should be a little curious of what you’re doing.


3 Responses to “Should Your Man Care About Your Dreams?”

  1. TheDisfigured October 16, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    I agree. If my wife didn’t support my insane dreams, well? She wouldn’t be my wife. Or my girlfriend!

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