Whatever makes you happy

21 Apr


I recently read something in Cosmopolitan (yes, they actually have articles in there about things other than sex and shoes) by a woman named Sheryl Sandberg.  She is chief operating officer of Facebook and wrote a book titled ‘Lean In’.  The woman is smart, hands down. 

And inspiring.  The mini-book in Cosmopolitan was basically there to inspire, guide and motivate women to take leaps of faith in their careers.  She posed a question I found asking myself over and over again.

“What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”

Fear.  It drives a lot of us.  And it also disables a lot of us.  It stops us from doing things that we really want to do.  Just for the sake of failure being an option. We don’t want to put ourselves out there and risk failing.  But in order to succeed, we must take risks.  It’s the only way to get ahead.

Have a job you hate?  Lean in, she says, and make the move to change it.  Lean in to what you really want to do.  Don’t let the fact that you want to have a family stop you.  You can have both.  She says the trick is finding a partner who will split the household duties equally with you.  She says in order to make yourself happy you have to find a partner who will let you be you and let you do what you want to do in terms of your career.

But I don’t want to stop there.  I think the trick is finding a partner who not only will share duties with you and let you have a career, but the real trick is finding someone who will motivate and inspire you to be better.  Find whatever makes you happy, and just do it already.  The reward is worth the risk.  Nothing will change while you’re standing still.  


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