What’s a Good Idea?

11 Mar


When it comes to writing, or creating anything in general, the process is as unique as it is broad.  I find myself randomly coming up with ideas, I jot it down, and I can sometimes return back to it a month, two months, or even a year later.  I believe in keeping at least a small notebook with you at all times, for this reason. 

Ideas come and go.  Maybe they aren’t all good.  Maybe they all have the potential to be good and it’s all in the delivery; how you put the idea together.  Maybe it’s our own ideas, maybe it’s someone else’s idea that just creeps into our thought process somehow.  I’m not sure.  The entire thing to me is pretty mystical and endearing.

I don’t think there are too many bad ideas.  Can any idea be bad?  As long as you’re thinking, it means you’re alive.  It means you’re using your brain for something.  Someone said to me they weren’t certain if thoughts were even real.  I guess that’s up for debate.  We can’t hold a thought in our hand to prove its real, so is it after all?  I’m not sure.

Ideas are a little different; you can’t hold the initial idea in your hand, either.  But you can certainly hold the finished product in your hand, the end result from the particular idea.  It’s a shame how many potentially good ideas we let go.  I’ve found myself thinking of something that I thought was brilliant in the moment, and without that notebook to write it down in, the idea is lost if I am distracted by one of life’s many distractions or interruptions. 

Is the idea lost forever or will it come back to me?  Does it go to someone else?  Are ideas just floating somewhere above us and we grab hold of them?  If we don’t, will they float on to someone else who will put it to good use?  Maybe so, because I have heard countless people say “I thought of that!” when they see a new invention on television.  Maybe that was their loss, letting the idea go instead of putting it to good use. 

All I know, is I’m in love with the idea.


One Response to “What’s a Good Idea?”

  1. TheDisfigured March 14, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    All ideas are valid- they hold a place in everything we do.

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