Knowing When to Shut the F$%! Up

21 Feb



Got a bad case of the foot-in-mouth syndrome?  Don’t know when to stop running your mouth?   Or do you just know a million people like this?  Because I do. 

I work with all women, aged anywhere from 20-70 years old.  Working in this type of environment I assumed would be better than working somewhere where I’d be surrounded by a bunch of young, gossipy girls.  I was wrong.  So many women have come and gone from this place, and I have learned a hard truth about women that I hate to admit.  Some women never grow up.  They never stop gossiping.  It’s this sh*t that gives good women everywhere a bad reputation.  

I think we’ve all heard (or been told) that we “love drama”.  As much as I dispute this claim, I can’t anymore.  Because I’ve learned that most women do.  Some women can turn the smallest incident into a huge outlandish ordeal that everyone needs to hear about.  On behalf of chill people everywhere, shut the f@$! up! Please be quiet!  I can’t take it anymore!

Is there a vaccination for this sort of thing?  If not, can I please get together with a select team of doctors and scientists that specialize in different fields and try to invent it?  I’ve actually met women that are so outrageous when it comes to gossiping and thriving on drama and “stirring the pot” that I’ve wondered if their name was even true.  I wondered if my name was my real name!  My head spins thinking about women like this. 

I mean sure, yes, we all have drama in our lives, whether we want to or not.  Sh*t happens.  That’s a part of life.  But searching for it under couch cushions and shopping for it in the supermarket is just absurd.  At some point, every 14 year old girl is supposed to stop, realize she is being silly and dramatic and grow up.  I thought older women were wiser, more mature, and far gone from this stage in their lives, but the truth?  I’ve witnessed that it’s not always the case. 

I have met some very wise women, at all ages.  I’ve met remarkable women who had a lot of interesting things to say.  Hell, I’ve met 16 year olds that were more smart and mature than some 50 year olds I’ve known.  It dawned on me that this whole “with age comes wisdom” thing is not always true.  I hope it will be for me.  But like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again.  Some people never change, but I believe that it is possible.

Life is all about choices.  Choose to change.  Choose to only talk about positive things.  We all complain sometimes, venting to a friend is normal and completely acceptable.  Making things up, lying compulsively, talking sh*t, and being petty is not acceptable.  Sorry. 

Grow up already.  And on behalf of men everywhere who can’t stand the sound of our voices because of women like you who all you do is b*tch about things, and on behalf of smart women everywhere that have more to talk about than other people, shut the f#$% up!!!



One Response to “Knowing When to Shut the F$%! Up”

  1. TheDisfigured February 27, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Age NEVER equals wisdom. It is something earned through living. And I agree. People like the ones you’ve described need to shut the fuck up. And sometimes, all they need is someone to tell them so.

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