Wine & Whine: The Two Go Hand in Hand

12 Feb


We find ourselves with a bottle of wine while recovering from a failed relationship,or any failed endeavor.  Why is it that after a relationship ends it seems that the person you were with becomes a complete stranger?  You see sides of them you never knew.  They become cruel, irrational, insensitive or just plain mean.  You wonder who this person was to begin with.  Were they always this way and you just didn’t see it because you saw them through rose colored glasses?  A distorted image of perfection?

It’s sad when this happens.  The superhero becomes the villain and the woman becomes the damsel in distress.  A lonely woman drinking wine and whining about what had happened; either to herself, to her friends, or to the man she was in this with from the start. 

The next morning, all she usually finds is a headache and regret.  The wine becomes the catalyst for disaster.  You might say something you don’t mean or do something you’ll regret in the morning.  Men do it, too.  They might go to the bar for a few rounds and get completely hammered.  Maybe take someone home and sleep with them to try to get over the girl they were with.  Usually people try to have a few drinks to forget their sorrows or ease them, but it usually has the adverse effect and you find yourselves wallowing in the despair of the situation.  You might do something completely out of character. 

You might just be an a$$hole, and maybe the person does deserve it, maybe they don’t.  Either way, telling someone to go f$%! themselves when you’re drunk won’t do much good.  Maybe it’ll feel good in the moment, but it’s pretty counterproductive, and won’t get you anywhere.  If anything, you might just make the situation worse and find yourself with more regret than you started with. 

Think before you drink during hard times.  Alcohol can just make things worse.  It is a depressant, after all.  Hell, that’s probably why we like it.


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