Princesses, Superheroes & False Hopes

11 Feb


Silly little girls have silly little dreams.  Since we are young “princesses”, our mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters tell us there exists a perfect man.  We are raised to believe the man we love is some sort of super hero.  I suppose it’s true in a sense.  But I read somewhere a few years ago that it’s this hope that makes men feel too much pressure from women.

The comedian Kevin Hart makes jokes in his stand-up routine about his wife automatically assuming him to be a strong man in every situation, like if a fire breaks out she is going to look at him like he should put her on his back and carry her to safety.  Ideally, our men would be superheroes with super strength and super powers to know what makes us tick and how to make everything better.  In reality, it’s just not true.  In all the cases I’ve seen anyway. 

I blame society.  I blame movies.  I blame the media.  I blame the sappy commercials about love where the perfect man is proposing to his perfect woman in the most perfect way. It gives women false hopes.  It gives people this distorted perception of love and what it should be.  No man is going to live up to our expectations when they’re so unrealistic.  The perfect man, the perfect woman, it just doesn’t exist.  It’s all a crock of sh*t, to be honest.  I believe in love.  But I also believe in its imperfections.  Isn’t that what makes two people perfect for each other?  The fact that none of us are perfect, but two people are perfect together?

We base our worlds around love and cling to this hope that soul mates exist and that one day we will find the one person that will meet all of our expectations.  I’m not saying to lower your standards, I’m just saying to raise your awareness of the unbelievable pressure we put on each other to be perfect.  Men are physical creatures where women are emotional.  This is why we clash.  He isn’t superman and he isn’t a mind-reader.  He doesn’t know what we are thinking 24/7, but we think he should. 

Maybe if we all stopped obsessing about love and just lived, life would be much simpler.  Hell, it might even be enjoyable. 


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