Nothing Fantastically Absurd..An Excerpt from my Novel

9 Feb


            They were both wrong, both too stubborn to do a damn thing about it.  Instead, they both stayed miserable.  They both spent a majority of their time thinking about one another, having no idea that the other was doing the exact same thing. 

            That’s the funny thing about people.  They think they have everything figured out.  They base ideologies on assumptions.  They live on philosophies that are made up in their heads.  The brain is a funny thing, but reality doesn’t laugh. 

            A lot of people spend their lives in regret.  They don’t want to make an ass of themselves, pretty much.  Few people just go for it, fearing failure.  Fear consumes us.  Most spiders can’t actually murder you, but you can’t convince someone with arachnophobia of that.  Their typical answer would be something like, are you crazy?  Are you crazy?  Most people are.

You can purchase the book by clicking the link above if you’re interested in hearing more. 

Enjoy!  Thank you for reading. 


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