Job Interviews…1 out of 2 Aint Bad. Literally. Most of them SUCK!

6 Feb



I had two job interviews today.  Got all fly and snazzy (of course!).  I went for a different approach today instead of the way I went about my last job “interview” (I put quotations there because I found it on craigslist and it was far from legit.  The meeting was in a library……. Awkward silence.  I know.  I didn’t go when I found that out, of course.  What do you think I am, stupid?).

The last “interview” I went on, I decided since it was a pretty competitive salary and high position, I should look professional.  I wore black slacks from express (from salvation army.  Again, what do you think I am, stupid?  Do you think I’d spend more than $5 on a pair of dress slacks unless I knew I got the job? B%tch please!!) and an off-white button-up long sleeve shirt with a blazer over it.  (The blazer looked like Chanel.  Let’s not forget I’m a fashion designer.) 

Anyway, when I left the house, I knew it didn’t look like me.  I looked waaaaaaaaay too professional, and by professional I mean boring.  Either way, it didn’t matter.  Like I said, I found out the “interview” was actually at a library because they didn’t have an office. Yeah, right. 

Today, I had two job interviews.  (Crossing my fingers I get one of them, it’d be a dream job for me.  It’s a writing position.)  The dream job interview was very last minute.  I got the call at 9:45am and told her I’d be there at noon.   Needless to say, I was excited.  Would you wait until the next day for your dream job?  Didn’t think so.  As I rushed to get ready, I thought…since this is my dream job, and something I really want, I’m going to go about this a little differently.  I’m going to go as me.  I’m not going to look boring and professional and bland, I’m going to look professional in the way that I typically dress.  I kept it conservative, but I wore a gray silk blouse with a purple pencil skirt and booties.  (Yeah, I know.  It was a really cute outfit.) 

I felt more like me.  I felt I was representing me more than I would have if I wore all black.  People think for interviews we need to look a certain way when we really don’t.  Personally, I think it comes off inauthentic anyway.  If every applicant came in wearing black slacks and a black blazer, how could you tell anyone apart?  Resumes are just papers that they hardly look at, anyway.  It’s the interview in person that determines what happens next. 

I decided that going in to this interview, I wouldn’t pretend to be an uptight smarty pants.  I’d be myself.  The interview was the best interview I have ever had.  Sure, we got down to business, but a lot of the time was spent chatting like old friends.  Needless to say, I hit it off with the woman who was in charge of the human resources department, the company recruiter.  (Side note: she had an emerald green sequin top under her blazer.)  The second part of the interview went well too.  Mostly because of my confidence going in to it. 

The second interview I had….wasn’t so great.  I had to take a math test! (What the f$%k?!?!) I suck at math!  AND I was kept waiting downstairs for twenty minutes afterwards.  And when the partner of the company interviewed me, I told him I had another job interview before this one, and I told him that I’d take that position before this one.  I also told him that the ad on craigslist didn’t state any information about the position available, and that I wasn’t sure if it was for me.  And if I did choose to work there, I’m not sure how long I’d stay.  In the beginning of the interview he was asking why he should hire me if I really wanted to be a writer, knowing that I would eventually quit.  By the end of the interview, he was asking me which out of two different positions I’d prefer.  I told him I’d have to think about it.

Amazing what a little confidence can do.  When you go in being yourself, they’ll want to hire you.  They’ll want to hire you and be your bitch.  (Kidding, but seriously.)

Unless you suck, of course. And I’m sorry if you do. That’s sad.




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