Are You a Mental Case? Am I?

5 Feb



I tend to ruminate on things…constantly.  Everything, from small things to large and everything in between.  And those small things that seemed so large at the time?  They’re usually not as significant as we thought.  Or how bout when you’re so sure that you want something until you have it, and you realize you never wanted it to begin with.  Or maybe it just wasn’t what you thought it’d be. 

I think we want things to be a certain way, but nothing is in our control.  I hate when things are out of my control.  I can’t handle the chaos like I could when I was younger and actually was out of control.  I liked it that way then.  I don’t now.  But that’s what happens when we get older.  We learn along the way that there are consequences for our actions.  When I was younger I was like, what the f$%! Is a consequence?! I didn’t even care.  I didn’t plan that far ahead because I could never imagine myself getting older.

Now that I’m here…I’m realizing other things about people.  I’m convinced that if I went to a shrink, he’d find something wrong with me (I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with going to a shrink, I strongly support people going to speak about their feelings and issues to try to get helped through it, I am just stating that I’m convinced everyone would be labeled with something). 

Sure, doctor, I’m tired sometimes.  Anxious.  Sad.  Fatigue, anxiety, depression.. I wonder what he’d say I have.  What medication would he put me on?  Doesn’t every human feel these things sometimes?  Does that make us a mental case?  I’m convinced that having natural feelings and emotions is what makes us human. 

Maybe I’m just crazy.


2 Responses to “Are You a Mental Case? Am I?”

  1. Santhya February 6, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Going to a shrink for difficult issues you went through that effects you in your daily life is fine, like going through abuse in your past because those type of things have an effect on you that can make you negative or depressed but you don’t need medication for a little bit of depression just go to therapy and just talk about what is bothering you so they can help you figure out how to cope with it without medication. But honestly all these medications that they try to put you on is not cool!!! Unless, you have extreme issues like schizophrenia or bipolar that you have no control over and other extreme mental issues. Some people become so dependent on mediation and obviously medication is not good for you anything that involves chemicals are not good for you. I like to cope with my problems by going to the gym and yoga on a daily bases it helps me keep my mind fresh and alert. Also you have to eat healthy which goes hand in hand with being active! My brain feels soo much more clear and free from depression when im doing these daily routine and also i try to follow the 4 agreements;1. Be Impeccable with Your Word,2.Don’t Take Anything Personally,3.Don’t Make Assumptions, 4. Always Do Your Best. Following these agreements makes life feel like heaven. here is a little more on the four agreements i highly consider it for every human kind.

    – Santhya

  2. TheDisfigured February 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    I agree with you. We all have ups and downs. But when our feelings and thoughts completely interfere and dictate our lives, it’s time to get help. I think that’s the distinction.

    Did that make sense? Seems like it did.

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