Trendy Expectations

4 Feb



It’s funny to me how sometimes when people hear the word “fashion” they automatically throw their head back, put their hand in the air and make some silly little noise, basically signifying that it’s…what?  Dramatic and feminine?  Well, it can be.  That’s half the fun.  Or do they mean, wimpy?  I’m not sure.  One thing I am sure of though, is this unwelcome persona or stigma that the term fashion has come to imply in the minds of many.  Personally, if the word “fabulous” keeps getting thrown around, I’m going to go insane and it might be the one word that ends up making me hate fashion too.  But for now, I still love it.  To clarify, we’re talking about street style, not fancy name brands.

          The best style it seems comes from the streets.  The reason fashion draws me to it is the fact that it’s one of the few things we can independently choose every day. We are in complete control of what we wear, and it’s freeing.  We forget that in other parts of the world, people don’t always have that option.  We take things like this for granted.  We wear things based on our moods, based on who we are that day or who we are every day.  That’s the beautiful thing about fashion; it can represent so much.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats…all of these things mean something to most ofus (whether we admit or not).  You know if you lost your favorite jacket, you’d consider crying like a little girl whose favorite dress was ripped on the playground.

          They say clothing is a symbol of the times.  Even in America, during the restrictive, Victorian era, it used to be that the only thing women really owned was their wardrobe and their jewelry.  It meant something to them then, and it means something to us now.  It’s a fascinating concept to think about how far we’ve come in society and just how much times have changed.  In this day and age, when we are so busy in our lives, the one thing that most of us look for is comfort.It used to be that the more fabric was used, the more expensive the garment.  Today, even garments produced in sweatshops overseas are sold for hundreds of dollars.  It’s outrageous.  Thus, the stigma of fashion is alive. 

          There are people who go against the grain.  We don’t buy expensive (and usually boring) clothing.  Instead, we go a little crazy.  We resist the outlandish prices and choose our own styles.  We mix and match prints and go wild with colors.  People in the streets have a name in the industry, they’re called fashion leaders.  It’s because it’s more interesting when there are unique ideas and stimulating combinations of textures or trends.  The Designers sometimes go out into the streets and copy street styles and the trends trickle up or down or across.  These things happen until the trends flood the retail outlets and the consumers catch up, meanwhile, the fashion leaders are still experimenting with new styles every day.  Fashion has evolved into such an extremely fast paced cycle, with trends lasting such a short amount of time, that I’m not sure who is keeping up and who has been left behind wearing parachute pants or platform boots. 

          So, if you’re into fashion you must be some sort of wuss?  Is that the idea most people have?  That you must be a prissy little thing because you’re into what you wear?  Why?  Because if I see a cool, noteworthy bag, I smile?Because I dream of strange outfits in my head?Because I enjoy seeing what others wear?Because I think it somehow gives us a clue into people’s heads?  Because it hints to us how people are feeling that day?  Because it’s a glimmer of a personality? Because it’s fascinating to me, in general?  Does that make me strange?  Hell, I think that it’s stranger that so many people pretend like they don’t love it.


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