Typical Sunday

3 Feb

Yo Yo Kusama

Yo Yo Kusama

It was a typical Sunday morning, spent hung up and wishing I was hung over. I was deathly bored with the people I was surrounded by. They were unenlightened, uninspired and unhappy. And most of them thought of me as the weird one. In all actuality, maybe I do seem like an odd creature to them. Maybe I am odd because I express my opinions about the endless things that I think don’t make sense in the modern world.

It’s unusual to me that so many others don’t seem to even have an opinion, let alone own any. It seems weird to me that so many others have no interesting thoughts or ideas, and if they do they don’t express them. It’s a bit odd to me that so many people don’t create things, anything, nothing. What do all of these people do besides watch television and unknowingly be brainwashed into believing everything the media leads them to? Media tells us what to wear, what to believe, who to be, who to like, who not to like, what to fear. Media is not salvation. Media is bullshit. And it’s bullshit that so many people are allowing themselves to be controlled. Mass production, mass stupidity.

I refuse to buy clothes at department stores anymore. I stick to salvation army and thrift stores. Is everyone aware that most of these clothes are made by immigrants in sweat shops in other countries? These workers are mainly women and young girls that are extremely underpaid and overworked. They are typically locked inside the factories for 12 hour shifts and in several cases there have been fires, where they couldn’t escape and every single one of them burned to death. Now some people argue that working in sweatshops is a better fate for these young girls, instead of working in prostitution. The lesser of two evils. Either way, it’s evil. It’s based upon American greed. We would rather pay someone .69 cents an hour instead of $7.00 an hour. Then we can stick the designer’s tag on it, sell it in America for extremely high prices and make a very high profit. Is the profit worth treating human beings like that? Is the shirt you’re wearing worth someone’s blood, sweat and tears? Does anyone care? Or does it not matter, because we aren’t the ones being worked to death. We aren’t the ones who suffer. We just enjoy the result. And we as a people are so greedy, we have the joy of overconsumption. We consume more than we ourselves can produce, hence the mass production is more reliable and convenient and enjoyable.

And maybe, just maybe, no one gives a shit about my opinion. I’m not some famous reality star, or actress, or anybody, really. Who am I to tell people the truth? Or my truth, anyway. Is that even allowed? Is the government going to punish me for writing this? Or simply for thinking it? For seeing through their bullshit and actually having the courage to question their motives and what is real and what isn’t? If we are never told the truth, do we even know what’s going on? I can admit that I don’t know what’s going on, but at least I’m curious enough to question it.


One Response to “Typical Sunday”

  1. TheDisfigured February 4, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    Opinions are supposed to be free. They don’t have to be entertained, agreed with, or disagreed with. They must only be observed. And there are people out there that observe opinions just like yours and say, “I care”.

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